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Better health for the best outcomes

About FDS Amplicare

FDS Amplicare strengthens the health of pharmacies and their patients. Through the delivery of innovative software products and services, we enable the evolution of the clinically focused New Era Pharmacy, empowering our clients to provide comprehensive pharmacy and clinical care services for their communities.

For over 20 years, FDS helped pharmacies improve patient health and pharmacy operations. With software solutions ranging from business intelligence and medication synchronization to claims reconciliation and medical billing, FDS assisted pharmacies as they transitioned from fill-and-bill drugstores to comprehensive care providers for their communities.

For nearly a decade, Amplicare helped pharmacies (and their patients) save time and money while proactively addressing gaps in patient care. What began as a tool to help pharmacies navigate the complexities of Medicare prescription drug coverage quickly expanded into a suite of solutions that enabled pharmacies to improve patient care, automate communications, lower DIR fees, and streamline workflows.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, FDS and Amplicare joined together in September 2020 to form FDS Amplicare, a pharmacy software powerhouse dedicated to improving patient care and fostering better relationships between pharmacies and their communities.

Meet Our Leadership Team


Adam McMullin

Chief Executive Officer


Peter Fianu

President & Chief Information Officer


Greg Lytle

Chief Financial Officer


John Triscoli

Chief Operating Officer


Tracy Ward

Chief Administrative Officer


David Roth

Chief Revenue Officer


Jason Ausili, PharmD

Chief Clinical Officer


Matthew Johnson

Chief Pharmacy Officer


Rob Theiss

Vice President, IT


Clarence W. Lea, RPh

Vice President, Strategic Partnerships


Michael Ziegler

Vice President, Strategic Partnerships


Margot van Black

Vice President, Operations


Nathan Shanor

General Manager

Lindsey Daniel

Lindsey Daniel

Director, Reconciliation & Central Pay

Adarsh Hegde

Adarsh Hegde

Director, Product Management

Kristen Stache

Kristen Stache

Director, Marketing

Ragina Replegle

Ragina Replogle


Our new home is under construction. While we work on a new site for FDS Amplicare, visit FDSrx.com to learn about our medical billing, claims reconciliation, and Med Sync solutions.

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