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Product Update: Identifying Win-Win Opportunities for Dual Eligible Patients

Posted on March 25, 2021 by Amplicare Team

We’re excited to announce the launch of two new features to improve the pharmacist experience with our Dual Eligible Report in Amplicare Match. 

Dual eligible patients are a significant target audience for pharmacies outside of the Medicare Open Enrollment Period. These patients have three additional windows to switch plans during the year, which gives you the opportunity to benefit from comparing plans for them throughout the year. The Dual Eligible Report is designed to help pharmacies better engage with this key Medicare population. Each quarter, pharmacists can use the report to dual eligible patients with a beneficial alternative plan option and proactively reach out to them to ensure they are on plans that work well for their situation — whether this means lower out-of-pocket costs or better coverage.

What’s New? Identifying Win-Wins

Pharmacies familiar with Amplicare’s Open Enrollment report will be pleased to know that the “Top Opportunities” or “Win-Win” filter is now also available for the Dual Eligible report. Similar to its counterpart, this filter helps segment patients who have a plan option that is beneficial to them and the pharmacy. For example, a patient may have an option to switch to a different plan that has lower co-pays but will also mean lower DIR fees for the pharmacy. When developing a strategy for reaching out to your dually eligible patients each quarter, you can choose to prioritize the patients with win-win opportunities and use your pre-determined list to organize your communications.

Finding “Recommended” Plans

Also new to the report is the “Recommended Plan Is…” filter. This feature is designed to help pharmacies segment patients by plan. Say there is a plan with no DIR fees in your pharmacy’s area and you’re interested in knowing which patients would benefit from switching to that specific plan. Using this filter, you would be able to generate a list of patients whose most beneficial plan is the specific plan in question.

Keep in mind that these filters always take into account the patient’s situation and will only identify patients for whom switching plans would be most beneficial. When developing a plan of action for targeting your dual eligible patients year round, these new features will go a long way to helping you prioritize your communications. Once you have identified your list of patients, setting up an outreach plan comes next. For pharmacies using Amplicare Connect, taking advantage of the custom campaign features will enable you to easily schedule messages targeted to your selected audience segment.

Is your pharmacy set up to help dual eligible patients year-round? Take our assessment today to find out. To learn more about reaching dual eligible patients, join our upcoming webinar with Johnson’s Pharmacy’s Bob Hinkle on March 31 at 2:00 p.m. EDT.

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