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Chain Pharmacies

Access the fastest plan comparison tool for your Medicare patients. Amplicare makes it easy to improve patient retention and increase reimbursement revenues and pharmacy profitability.

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Amplicare integrates with your pharmacy software to provide personalized opportunities to improve health outcomes for your patients.

Chain Pharmacy Solution

The Amplicare integration with your pharmacy system allows for patient data, pharmacy data, and plan information to be pulled, analyzed, and delivered as plan comparisons to your patients in seconds.

Medicare Plan Comparisons

Consult with your patients with comprehensive plan comparisons that account for prescriptions and doctor networks. Help them find an option that works for them, whether in the pharmacy or from their home.

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Access Navigate

Navigate offers a safe digital environment for your patients to review plans in-network and preferred with your pharmacy from home. With Navigate, patients will have easy access to plans you accept in the pharmacy, so you can be confident they choose a plan that works for them and your business. Plus, with a CMS-approved resource center at their fingertips, your patients will have all they need to make an informed decision about their options.

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Gain Insights and Track Satellite Stores

Monitor the performance of your pharmacy locations, all in one place. Amplicare provides a full top-to-bottom view of store-level actions and compliance to corporate initiatives, so you have insight into opportunities to better serve patients.

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Provide Clinical Recommendations to Patients

By identifying opportunities for patient interventions, Amplicare makes it easier to stay on top of a patient’s adherence, improve loyalty and overall health. Taking medication as prescribed is important for managing health conditions and general wellbeing. Plus, with financial incentives for providers, improving adherence is also good for pharmacists.

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Improve patient clinical outcomes, increase medication adherence, and manage operational efficiencies

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Download the Clinical Supplement Guide

Drug-induced nutrient depletion is one of the many causes of patient non-adherence. Download the Clinical Supplement Guide to learn the ins and outs of common nutrients and the OTC supplements that can help restore them.

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