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Community Pharmacies

Access all of your patient intervention opportunities in one place. Amplicare syncs with your existing pharmacy software and delivers timely notifications directly in your daily workflow. No more wading through multiple dashboards, no more missed opportunities.

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Helping Patients Has Never Been Easier

Become the highly valued clinical advisor that differentiates you in your local community.

Solutions For Your Business Needs

With powerful features designed to solve pharmacists’ most common challenges, Amplicare’s solutions can be customized to help you meet your unique business goals.

Medicare Plan Comparisons

Amplicare offers the fastest and most comprehensive plan comparison software, so you can help your patients understand their options with ease.

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Identify Win-Win Opportunities

Amplicare makes it easy to identify high-value, conflict-free win-win opportunities that save your patients out-of-pocket costs and also improve the bottom line for your pharmacy.

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Mitigate DIRs

Manage your pharmacy performance with DIR fee estimates for all plans.

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Monitor Patient Medication Adherence

Help patients stay on top of their medications and improve your performance measures with actionable opportunities for patient interventions. Taking medication as prescribed is important for managing health conditions and general wellbeing. Plus, with financial incentives for providers, improving adherence is also good for pharmacists.

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Diversify your Revenue

Increase year-round patient retention by offering affordable alternatives while managing your patients’ adherence.

Filter your patients based on different characteristics to make sure you first address those who need you most.

Grow your bottom line and increase year-round patient retention with non-prescription revenue sources that also improve patient health.

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Connect with Patients

Send targeted health communications and messages with automated, customizable phone and text campaigns.

With Amplicare’s patient engagement features, you’re able to:

  • Deepen patient loyalty
  • Build your digital brand
  • Increase clinical services
  • Promote your pharmacy services
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Grow your revenue, lower your DIR fees, and improve patient care

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Community Pharmacy Success!

Hear how our dynamic customer Dennis Song, RPh,CHC, and owner of Flower Mound Pharmacy & Herbal Alternatives, achieves success and improves his revenue with the Ampicare Platform.

Welcome to Amplicare

Get the Upper Hand on DIR Fees

DIR fees affect the profitability of your pharmacy. In this ebook, you’ll explore the essentials of direct and indirect remuneration and strategies for managing their effect on your business.

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