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OTC & Consumer Healthcare Products Manufacturers partner with Amplicare to reach a network of independent community pharmacies, we help optimize placement and awareness of OTC pharmaceuticals and consumer healthcare products.

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Improve placement of health care products!

Removing barriers of distribution and improving health care product access to consumers drive better health outcomes.

Manufacturer Distribution Solutions

Our community pharmacy network and promotional programs help your products receive direct clinical recommendations to support awareness and long-term growth. We partner with you to extend your reach across community pharmacy and retail chains. Together, we transform shared learning into actionable plans benefiting pharmacy customers and consumers.

How Amplicare Empowers Manufacturers
  • Send highly targeted messages in workflow, recommending specific products to improve patient health.
  • Increase patient utilization or adherence by leveraging clinical expertise of pharmacists.
  • Provide customizable educational content to patients and pharmacy staff.
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Drug-induced nutrient depletion is one of the many causes of patient non-adherence. Download the Clinical Supplement Guide to learn the ins and outs of common nutrients and the OTC supplements that can help restore them.

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