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Payer Organizations

Pharmacies are at the center of their community to reach patients and populations that need value-based care by driving medication adherence, measuring patient outcomes, and making patient satisfaction a priority.

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Access Real-time Pharmacy insights and analytics

Managing the health of Medicare and Medicaid populations is a collaborative effort. Pharmacies provide access to care, products and services that impact SDoH. Addressing this impact can lead to better health outcomes for patients.

Solutions for Payer Organizations

Amplicare’s data can provide solutions able to support prescription decision making with real-time, population-wide analytics to help reduce a patient’s risk, remove unnecessary costs, improve the care experience and as a result, a patient’s health outcomes.

How Amplicare Empowers Payer Organizations
  • Connect with pharmacies in your network and provide transparency in billing and payments. Your pharmacies manage patient populations that can minimize high-risk medical episodes and reduce costs.
  • Expand performance in value-based care contracts with pharmacy-driven patient interventions.
  • Increase retention among Medicare plan beneficiaries through your community pharmacy network. A pharmacist may use OTC recommendations to address SDoH.
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Amplicare’s Platform can Provide Predictive Analytics

Amplicare is a leading business intelligence and decision-automation platform in the pharmacy and healthcare industry.

Using predictive analytics to inform care management decisions and develop stronger, more motivational relationships between patients and providers can improve long-term engagement and reduce the risks associated with chronic diseases.

Our clinical experts incorporate a consultative, partnered approach.

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Improve Payer-Provider Collaboration to Improve Patient Care with Amplicare

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Download the Clinical Supplement Guide

Drug-induced nutrient depletion is one of the many causes of patient non-adherence. Download the Clinical Supplement Guide to learn the ins and outs of common nutrients and the OTC supplements that can help restore them.

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