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FDS and Amplicare Announce Strategic Pharmacy Software Merger

Posted on September 2, 2020 by Amplicare Team

Two Leading Pharmacy Software Companies Join Forces to Empower Retail Pharmacies with Best-In-Class Software Solutions, Helping Further Pharmacists’ Roles as Critical Healthcare Providers

Fort Worth, Texas (September 2, 2020) — Today, pharmacy software providers FDS, Inc. and Amplicare announced a strategic merger as an unprecedented move to support the acceleration of pharmacies as essential healthcare providers.

With the merger, FDS clients will have access to Amplicare's industry-leading platform including Medicare plan comparison and eligibility tools that empower pharmacy patients to make better healthcare plan decisions. Amplicare clients will now be able to take advantage of FDS's best-in-class New Era Pharmacy platform with software solutions that enable clinical care, improve financial health, and offer valuable data insights into pharmacy operations.

In today's environment, Medicare and Medicaid patients often find themselves without the tools or information they need to make the right decisions about their insurance plans. With the merger of FDS and Amplicare, those tools are now available to thousands more pharmacy patients. Both companies are aligned in their efforts to extend care to patients and foster better relationships between pharmacies and their communities. Their merger furthers the concept of the New Era Pharmacy — a pharmacy that has evolved beyond primarily filling and billing prescriptions to function as a comprehensive care provider for its community.

"With FDS and Amplicare joining together, our two companies are more than just the sum of our parts," said FDS CEO Adam McMullin. "Our customers have long asked for the types of solutions Amplicare provides, and now we can offer those to them while also providing Amplicare customers with our world- class financial, clinical, and business intelligence solutions. With their help, our New Era Pharmacy platform can improve the health of more pharmacies and patients than ever before."

"Pharmacies are doing more for their communities than ever before," added McMullin. "They've set a new standard, and we want to do everything we can to support them."

"Amplicare has a proven record of enabling pharmacies and their patients to make data-driven decisions," said Amplicare CEO J. Bennet Waters. "We are eager to integrate Amplicare’s capabilities into FDS’ existing solutions, and we are very confident in the power of these combined organizations. Among other observations, COVID-19 has made it clear that pharmacies have critical roles to play in the continuing digital transformation of healthcare, and we are excited to expand the tools we provide to pharmacists and the patients they serve."

As pharmacies expand into providing vital patient care services — like point-of-care testing and immunizations — for their communities, they find their workload increasing to unmanageable levels. Pharmacy software solutions, like those provided by FDS and Amplicare, make pharmacy operations more efficient and more productive. The merger of the two software providers will greatly expand the capabilities of their pharmacy clients.

With the noted market shift toward pharmacists providing clinical care for their communities, the merger with Amplicare provides FDS the opportunity to better equip pharmacies to meet the comprehensive needs of seniors, people with chronic diseases, and other underserved patients. FDS has long championed the emerging role of pharmacies as community care providers, having recently announced a partnership with the University of Tennessee Health Science Center to study the impact of community pharmacy-driven COVID-19 testing on public health while also expanding their FDS MedBill solution to include training for point-of-care testing, including COVID-19 testing.

While terms of the deal were not announced, the merger is effective immediately. McMullin will continue to serve as Chief Executive Officer of the combined organization, now serving over 15,500 pharmacies nationwide. The company will remain based in Fort Worth, TX with additional locations in New York City and Columbia, MD.

About FDS, Inc.: FDS strengthens the health of pharmacies and their patients. We empower community pharmacies to build the clinically focused New Era Pharmacy, enabling their business to thrive now and successfully transition to a provider of community and population health through data insights, purpose- built technology solutions, and clinical services enablement. Read more about FDS at www.fdsrx.com.

About Amplicare: Amplicare is a leading business intelligence and decision-automation platform in the pharmacy and healthcare industry. Designed by pharmacists for pharmacists, the platform is engineered with a big data approach. Amplicare's proprietary technology collects, analyzes, and leverages consumer, patient, clinical, and industry-level informatics to empower providers to proactively take informed actions that improve patient care and clinical outcomes. With thousands of pharmacy subscribers, Amplicare delivers an unrivaled platform that increases patient retention, improves performance measures, grows and diversifies revenue streams, and enables providers to communicate with their patients more easily than ever before. Read more about Amplicare at www.amplicare.com.

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