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Impact Clinical Outcomes for Patients

Pharmacists are the most accessible and the most trusted healthcare providers. Patients look to you for guidance every day to make the right decisions for their health. Amplicare analyzes your pharmacy data to intelligently identify opportunities to consult with patients and drive better health outcomes.

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Frontlines of Patient Care

Amplicare makes it easy to address the clinical causes of non-adherence and close the gaps in patient care.

How Amplicare Improves Patient Clinical Outcomes

As a pharmacist, you’re dedicated to ensuring the best health outcomes for your patients. With Amplicare, you’ll have access to interventions customized to your patients, so you never miss an opportunity to make a difference.

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Patient Clinical Outcomes

These reports are available via the Amplicare dashboard or delivered as notifications in the daily workflow.

  • Vaccinations
  • Nutrient Depletion
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Gap Therapy
  • CBD Report

Featured Reports

Actionable opportunities for clinical interventions enable you to prioritize patient care and take actions that promote healthy behaviors and medication adherence. Amplicare makes these reports available on the platform and sends alerts to pharmacists in real time.

Nutrient Depletion

Drug-induced nutrient depletion is one of the many causes of patient non-adherence. Help your patients choose the right supplements to get them back to feeling like themselves.

Gap Therapy

Amplicare lets you know when patients can benefit from a statin or ACE/ARB and facilitates communication with physicians. Plus, with statin adherence a key performance measure for pharmacies, improving patient wellbeing helps your business growth.


Help your patients stay healthy during flu season. The Amplicare Vaccinations report identifies patients that haven’t received their flu shot, so you can easily reach out to encourage a vaccination.

Naloxone Interventions

Even when taken as directed, opioids carry a high risk of addiction. Arm your patients with life-saving medication and educate them on its benefits and administration.

CBD Report

Tap into the growing CBD market with this report developed in partnership with Ananda Health. Demonstrate your expertise by helping patients understand the potential benefits of pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoids.

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— Liz Altmiller, Your Drug Store, Bakersfield, CA

“Restore is an added feature that I include in discussing with patients during MTMs and as a drop in for their birthday cards. Not only does it send a message to the patient that you are more knowledgeable than other pharmacies, but it also shows them that you care about them and how they feel because many of these nutrient depletion recommendations help the patient feel better every day. If you use this program right, you have the potential to make a good revenue.”

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Ready to improve clinical health outcomes for your patients?

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— Dennis Song, RPh, CHC, Flower Mound Pharmacy & Herbal Alternatives, Flower Mound, TX

“The pop ups that are seamlessly interfaced with our pharmacy management system, Liberty, alert at the technician and pharmacist’s workstations while we are processing a prescription. We have always screened for medication induced nutrient depletions. Amplicare has created new multiple opportunities and made it much easier for my staff to identify and address these depletions. Our practice is dependent on dietary supplement sales and Amplicare has made that revenue stream consistent and the pharmacy profitable.”

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Download the Clinical Supplement Guide

Drug-induced nutrient depletion is one of the many causes of patient non-adherence. Download the Clinical Supplement Guide to learn the ins and outs of common nutrients and the OTC supplements that can help restore them.

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