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Patient Engagement Solution

Enhance the effectiveness of patient care with targeted messages that promote healthy behaviors and better clinical outcomes. Amplicare’s patient engagement solution makes it easy to stay connected to patients with personalized and relevant communications that build loyalty, increase adherence, and help patients better manage their health.

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Connect with Patients

Deliver personalized messages to your patients, keeping them engaged with your pharmacy and on top of their health.

How Amplicare Improves Patient Engagement

At Amplicare, we understand that communication is a key part of an exceptional patient experience. That’s why we designed our engagement solution to make your communications process simpler and more effective.

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Improved Communication

Amplicare offers multiple features to help you improve your outreach to patients.

  • Automated campaigns
  • Customizable messages
  • Phone calls and texts
  • Audience segmentation

Targeted Messaging, Delivered at the Right Time

Save time and extend your relationship with patients through relevant messaging that increases patient satisfaction.

How Does Amplicare Work?

Amplicare enables you to schedule automated and custom messages to specific audiences, so you reach large groups of patients at once while saving time on manual tasks.

Automated Campaigns

Take the hard work out of patient outreach.

Whether you’re sending refill reminders or welcoming new patients, Amplicare helps you get your messages out without you lifting a finger.

Custom Campaigns

Segmenting your patients allows for personalized, better-targeted messages and campaigns.

By leveraging Amplicare’s advanced filtering options, you can target the exact audience you need for a message or promotion.

Text Messaging

Send text messages to your patients. Messages can be fully automated and can be sent at a frequency you choose.

Just like the phone call campaigns, you can set up automated text campaigns for refill reminders, first fills, and so on, or one-time custom campaigns to a specific, targeted audience.

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— Joe Brisson, Brisson Drugs, St. Pauls, NC

"We first started using Amplicare a few years ago to attract new customers…With so many things outside of our control as independent pharmacists, Amplicare enables us to not only help our patients but also to help ourselves. The days of “letting the chips fall where they may” are gone. If you’re going to help the next generation of patients, you must plan; Amplicare is one of the best ways to do just that."

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Ready to optimize your patient communications?

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— Michelle Williams, Owner, The Pillbox Pharmacy, Alexandria, LA

We started using the iMedicare program at one of our other locations and it is absolutely amazing! Our customers think that we are the best for helping them to make an informed decision about their health plan for the coming year.

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