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Improve Pharmacy Performance

At Amplicare, we understand how a changing healthcare industry landscape challenges pharmacy profitability. That’s why we designed our software to help you identify clinical opportunities that not only help your patients, but also drive bottom line growth for your pharmacy.

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Build Your Bottom Line

Helping your patients and your pharmacy should not be mutually exclusive. Amplicare makes it easy to act on opportunities that improve both the health of your patients and your business.

How Amplicare Improves Pharmacy Performance

Keep your performance measures high and DIR fees low — all from one easy-to-use platform. With Amplicare, you have access to targeted patient opportunities directly in your workflow.

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Monitor Pharmacy Growth

Amplicare provides tools to help you track your pharmacy’s performance and take actions that impact profitability.

  • Medicare plan comparisons
  • Specialized reporting
  • Adherence monitoring
  • Real-time notifications
  • Performance insights

Informed Decisions for Better Business Results

Take the guesswork out of operations with solutions designed to help you maximize profitability while running your pharmacy like a well-oiled machine.

Comprehensive Plan Comparisons

Grow your Medicare business with the most comprehensive plan comparison tool on the market. Amplicare helps you provide better care to your Medicare patients, whether they are newly eligible, dual eligible, or current beneficiaries looking to switch plans.

Navigate: Medicare Enrollment, Simplified

Empower your patients to compare plans from home with Navigate, a HIPAA-approved patient enrollment portal. Navigate offers a safe digital environment for patients to review plans in-network and preferred with your pharmacy. Plus, with a CMS-approved resource center at their fingertips, your patients will have all they need to make an informed decision about their options.

Adherence Monitoring

Patient non-adherence has long-lasting effects on both patients and the pharmacy. Amplicare helps you filter your patients based on different characteristics so you can address those who need you most.

Workflow Notifications

With relevant notifications delivered directly in workflow, Amplicare increases pharmacy efficiency so you act immediately on opportunities that make a difference to your growth.

Performance Insights

Track your performance on measures that matter to your bottom line. Amplicare analyzes your progress on adherence and statin compliance so you know where you stand and what you need to do to improve your ratings.

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— Amina Abubakar, Owner, RxClinic Pharmacy, Charlotte, NC

“It's a very good product. We like it for two reasons: (1) It is much easier for customers than the government website. (2) Amplicare Match is making insurance companies more competitive because when they know you can compare them with their competitors in less than 5 minutes, showing the doughnut hole and everything, it will force insurance companies to be more competitive.”

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Ready to drive growth for your pharmacy?

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— Al Roberts, Owner, The Remington Drug Company

“...Another part of our plan was to join Amplicare. This was a sweet move on our part. The information provided related to benchmark plans, whether the patient has subsidy and details if LIS, ease of seeing formulary alternatives, details on current plan, marketing tools, letter templates, and the list is growing daily. This has been very very beneficial. The ease of navigation and support from Amplicare have contributed mightily to our success to this point.”

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Welcome to Amplicare

Get the Upper Hand on DIR Fees

DIR fees affect the profitability of your pharmacy. In this ebook, you’ll explore the essentials of direct and indirect remuneration and strategies for managing their effect on your business.

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